About 4Shadow

4Shadow Investment Strategies LLC (the “Fund”), a Delaware limited liability company, is a newly-formed private equity investment vehicle based in Los Angeles, California structured to provide financing (including equity financing, finishing funds financing and tax incentive financing) to selected entertainment production projects including traditional independent, feature-length motion pictures (“Motion Pictures”), short form and long form television content (“Television”) and new media projects such as webisodes, short form web content, mobile gaming, mobile content, podcasts, online streaming distribution platforms, and the development of content in emerging arenas in the digital world (“New Media”).


The Fund expects to make other strategic or opportunistic investments in companies developing new, critical entertainment-related technologies (such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Apps, new technologies in Gaming, and start-ups or established companies developing technologies known and potentially not yet discovered all that either affect, are related to, or enhance the entertainment experience). Our Five strategies seek to capitalize upon this opportunities.


As the demand for content continues growing, we believe that the global entertainment industry is on the cusp of an unprecedented expansion, as new avenues for distribution are created and traditional monetization models are disrupted. We seek to optimize opportunities by fundamental analysis that demonstrate the investments profitability potential, mitigated by a stringent investment criterion and a core commitment to deliver value and ROI to our investors.

The 4Shadow Team

The 4Shadow Management Team has a long-established network of relationships in the entertainment ecosystem – including both within the major studios and independent distributors alike – and is also uniquely positioned with established resources within the Producers Guild of America.

Jay Maldonado


Ryan Westheimer


Ian Haufrect

Director of Finance

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